Dry Mouth

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One problem with dry mouth is that saliva may be reduced by 50% before you realize you have the symptoms of dry mouth. At this point oral problems may have already set in!

Dry Mouth Symptoms Include:

*A feeling of soreness in the mouth
*Cracking at the corners of the mouth

*The mouth looking red and parched
*Difficulty eating dry or spicy foods
*Food just not tasting like it used to
*Difficulty speaking
*Bad breath
*A tendency to wake up more often during the night craving water

Dry mouth can also affect your quality of life. If not managed properly, the symptoms can cause anxiety, depression, low confidence and embarrasment! A lower mouth pH, as a result of dry mouth, causes a shift in th oral microflora towards cariogenic and halitosis bacteria, reducing tooth remineralization and increasing 3 x susceptibility to coronal and root caries.

Causes and Risk Factors:

* Aging 
* Medications (Allergy, Antibiotics, Antipsychotics, Cancer, Heartburn/GERD, High Blood pressure, HIV, Mental Health, Narcotics, Parkinson's)
* Chemo/Radiotherapy
* Physical trauma(blocked salivary duct)
* Health Condition (Sjogren's Syndrome, Diabetes, Depression)
* Aggregating Factor (snoring, mouth breathing, smoking, alcohol)

Prevention and Treatment:

* Sip water throughout the day
* Xylitol gum/candies
* Over the counter saliva substitutes
* Limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol
* Avoid smoking and tobacco products
* Eat raw carrots and celery to help stimulate saliva production
* Avoid sugary and acidic foods 

Remember to maintain regular dental hygiene appointments and carry out good oral hygiene at home!

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