Inspiring Better Habits in Children

February 11, 2016 | Posted in Oral Health | Be the first one to comment

As a parent one of the hardest jobs is trying to get your children to brush their teeth and to do a good job of it. We all know the importance of proper brushing, but with kids it can be a struggle. At Natural Smiles we have come across an App that helps with this problem. Philips Sonicare makes an electric toothbrush for kids that use Bluetooth to monitor your child's brushing habits. You do not need to purchase the toothbrush to use the App; it can be used with any toothbrush, whether manual or electric.

The App is designed to help kids brush for the recommended 2 minutes and is a visual aid for them to brush every tooth surface so they aren't missing areas. It also allows parents to keep track of their child's brushing habits such as occurences and how long they are brushing for. The App is set up to promote brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, keeping track and letting parents know if their children missed one or both. I will say that from personal experience my kids were excited about the App and they both woke up in the mornings wanting to brush their teeth. There are awards and badges that the child receives for brushing as well as gifts for the "sparkly" character that allows for some game play with the App. There are some added content for those who do purchase the Sonicare for Kids, it unlocks other activities within the App, but it is not necessary. If you are interested in purchasing the Sonicare we can order one for you and it will be at cost.

As a parent I really like the idea behind this App, I have already seen the benefits of it since both my children have been brushing their teeth longer and more often. The App is currently only available on Apples App Store, but they are currently developing it for Androids. The App is designed to have multiple users so each child can have their own dashboard. I highly recommend checking out this App if you are having problems getting your children to brush and brush properly. 

You can find the App on the Apple Store it is called Sonicare for Kids


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