What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy, whereby, practitioners work with their hands to gently adjust the body structure wherever it has broken down. Adjustments target the entire body, not just the areas expressing the greatest level of pain or muscle tension. In this manner, every important system is examined and treated which ensures patients experience significant relief in reasonable time.  

How does it work?


When osteopathic manual work is performed successfully, nerves and blood vessels of the body are no longer burdened or obstructed by muscles, ligaments or bones. When the nerves and blood vessels of the body are free, the body functions optimally and performs better.
The tools an osteopathic practitioner uses to adjust the body are diverse. Gentle stretches along with safe, non invasive, structural approaches are used to address tension, disorder or pain found within muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and bones.  A patient’s legs, arms or head may be used - in a slow and controlled manner - to correct the structure and function of the spine, ribs and pelvis. The proper function of these large skeletal structures are vital to overall health and strongly influence the function of the circulatory and nervous systems.
Treatment always involves a thorough structural examination in order to determine how manual work can best help the patient. Patients are always given time to highlight and describe their physical concerns. Ostepathic care is customized for each patient in a manner that provides them with the greatest possible benefits. Patient comfort and relief are the top priorities of an ostepathic practitioner.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of osteopathic treatment are unique to each patient.  An osteopathic practitioner works with each patient to ensure they experience the best results possible.  Many patients notice substantial or complete relief after few sessions while others may require more time before relief is obvious.  The current condition of each patient, as well as their health history and lifestyle are all factors that may influence treatment progress.  


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